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Welcome to the Futurama Encyclopedia!
InfORama is a collaborative project to create the most extensive encyclopedia and reference guide for everything related to Futurama. This encyclopedia is also known as a wiki, which means that anyone can edit most of the pages found here. We started December 29, 2006 and the encyclopedia currently holds 5 articles about Futurama characters, episodes, and more is growing everyday.



6/22/2006, American cable television network Comedy Central has picked up the rights to air Futurama, in both old and new episodes. A new season of 13 episodes, with the original voice actors, will air in 2008.

12/12/2006: ToyFare Magazine has released an interview with David X. Cohen on their website. In the interview, Cohen talks about some of the content and context of the new season, beware of possible spoilers.
Updates to this wiki return every day!





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